Fabulous Fern

Fern Filled Bubbles

The perfect accessory for any wedding theme!

Our Fern Bubbles are a serious hit when the wedding season kicks off, and we can see why.

Whether you’re throwing a rustic country wedding, or a crisp and modern celebration, they work for all themes.

Suspended Ceiling

We can suspend our ferns to make them look like they’re floating gracefully above your guests.

You also get a gorgeous view of the fern in the bubble from below.


They work for both the rustic and fresh wedding themes.

Welcome The Guests

Have them floating either side of the seating plan, instagram blackboard, or by your guest book to make an added impact.

We love them being used to help line the welcome board below – an easy way to make sure no one misses the information!

Bring The Outside, In

The ferns are a gorgeous way to dress a window as they still let so much light in.

They’re also perfect if your view is a beautifully scenic and you want to bring the outdoors in (without the cold!)


Create An Install

Cluster them together to make a statement install – perfect for lining a high doorway.

Combine With Giants


We not only make the perfect fern bubbles, but we also have Ivy Tailed white giants.

Combine them together for an added level of WOW.

Use Our Fern

Due to our fern being real, you cannot order them via our website (sorry!)

There’s a minimum order of 10 and they need to be couriered to your venue to make sure they don’t turn up looking worse for wear.

To inquire, please email the lovely wedding team and they’ll be able to help!



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