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May The 4th Be With You

Bubblegum Troopers

This week, Bubblegum Balloons had an invasion of Storm Troopers over from the US (thanks Anagram!)

Although at first they were slightly dubious of the helium tanks, they soon mucked in.

And what better way to celebrate May 4th, than with this awesome installation?

Ever since creating the mighty Bubblegum HQ Install, we’ve been itching to do it again.

So we did. But with Storm Troopers.


A Morning Of Fun

Although playing with 6ft tall Storm Troopers is fun anyway…

It turns out getting them up and down heights is even more fun.

The Timelapse

Welcome To Bubblegum Balloons

p.s this is how we greeted the delivery drivers all day…


See the full Star Wars range here.

To hire the Bubblegum Girls for an install, please email: sales@bubblegumballoons.co.uk


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